Green Coffee extract comes from the un-roasted coffee bean, it is coffee in its rawest and most basic shape.

The Coffea Plant blooms several times a year, fragrant white flowers are followed by oval berries in clusters. Green when immature, they ripen to yellow first then deep red and carries the “raw gold” inside them; the green coffee beans.

The beans in the heart of the coffee berries are extracted and roasted if their destiny is to be poured in a cup. The making of iO begins here, before the roasting, as iO contains extracts from raw coffee beans, Green Coffee. The roasting process of coffee beans change the chemical structure of the bean, and all the good stuff we’re inspired by for iO are actually still there if you keep the bean in its green shape. We’d like to tell you why we like them so much!

Coffee beans are a natural source of antioxidants with their high level of chlorogenic acid, known for its health benefits on i.e hypertension. Chlorogenic acid is part of the antioxidant family, a group of substances that actually can repair damages made to your body by external affects. (Source: American Dietetic Association)

When coffee beans are roasted, the high levels of our the chlorogenic acid and vitamins decrease, hence coffee beans in their purest shape are preferably to get your healthy dose of antioxidants and vitamins. The reason is that the vitamins and antioxidants from the coffee beans are not lost in a roasting process, used in traditional coffee drinks.

Caffeine is another good friend to our minds and bodies thanks to its ability to block adenosine receptors (in a few words, that’s what makes us tired). As you might already know, caffeine increases our energy level and makes us alert and lively. Therefore, caffeine is an exemplary ingredient in an energy drink on the move like iO Original, and green coffee beans are of course filled with caffeine! One iO Original equals the caffeine amount found in your average coffee cup.

The antioxidants in green coffee also seem to have a positive effect on glucose absorption, and therefore play a preventive role against overweight.